Improve active and dormant vocabulary

There are two types of vocabulary, active and dormant. Active vocabulary consists of words that we use daily. Dormant vocabulary consists of words whose meaning we know but which we…

IELTS Writing Tips

Learning vocabulary is an autonomous activity

This holds true for intermediate and advanced English learners. The best way to learn new words is by reading English. Reading will also help students to learn how to use…

IELTS Writing Tips

How to improve spellings

Reading English is the only way to improve spellings. While reading you see the words with your eyes. Our visual memory is stronger than audio memory. Spellings of 80% words…


Use new vocabulary correctly

IELTS books and websites advise candidates to use good vocabulary. Candidates fail to understand this advice. They start learning new vocabulary without learning how to use it correctly in sentences.…


2 How a sparrow came to grief

A couple of sparrows lived on the branches of a huge tree deep in a jungle. They had worked very hard in building their nest. It was a comfortable home…


1 The fighting goats

One day, a sage was passing through a jungle, He saw two golden rams fighting with each other. Both were badly wounded and blood was oozing out from their heads…


30 Words And Their Unique Gujarati Pronunciations

Check out this funny link about Gujarati Accent of certain words of English. No offence is Intended.


11 words that you use in daily life but have been pronouncing wrong

Pronunciation is the way a word or a language is spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word. If you want to speak English well, you cannot pronounce…