11 words that you use in daily life but have been pronouncing wrong


Pronunciation is the way a word or a language is spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word. If you want to speak English well, you cannot pronounce English words using the sounds of your native language. If you do so, your English will be difficult to understand. It doesn’t matter what your level of English is. Even those who are fluent in English sometimes make mistake in pronouncing words correctly.

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Imagine how embarrassing it can be when you realize that you have been pronouncing a word wrong all this time in front of other people. Hence, you should always keep a watch on the way you pronounce words. If you are not sure or don’t how to speak a word then check its spelling and pronunciation on the Internet. Below we have compiled a list of words that are used in our daily life but you might be pronouncing wrong:

1. Data

The correct pronunciation is day-ta not daa-taa.

2. Bowl

The correct pronunciation is Bol (bōl) not ba-ohl.

3. Wednesday

Here, many people also make spelling mistakes by writing ‘Wednessday’. Remember, it only has a single ‘s’. Now coming to the pronunciation, we say Wenz-day not wed-ness-day.

4. Vehicle

Another very common word used in everyday life but is wrongly pronounced as vee-Hikl or veh-kal. You have to say vee-ikl. The “h” in the middle is silent.

5. Restaurant

Yes, we know that you go to a restaurant at-least once a week, right? So how do you pronounce it? Well, the correct pronunciation is ‘res-tuh-rawnt‘.

6. Pizza

The correct pronunciation is peed-zuh not pi-za.

7. Develop

The correct pronunciation is dih-vel-up, and not as day-vuh-lupp.

8. Police

The correct pronunciation is puh-leece not pu-liss.

9. Resumé

As a noun the correct pronunciation is rey-seu-may not re-sume. Another word for resumé is C.V. which means Curricum Vitale.

10. Cabin

This is often mispronounced as kay-bin. It should be pronounced as Cab-in.

11. Debt

You don’t say deb-t. The “b” is silent. You have to pronounce the word as if it were written ‘dett’.

Do you have any other word in mind? Also, If you have any funny or embarrassing story where you were mispronouncing a word and had to face the consequences of it then do share it with us below.

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