IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening Test Pattern

ABOUT IELTS LISTENING TEST IELTS listening section tests your ability to understand spoken English. Listening is the first part of the exam. It lasts for 30 minutes. The total number of…

IELTS Reading

Reading section is a strategy based exam

Read instructions carefully Don’t skip the instructions so as to save time. The instructions tell you what kind of answer to give. They contain clues about information contained in the…

IELTS Reading

Difficult Vocabulary in Reading Passages

Difficult Vocabulary You may not understand every word in the reading passages. You may not need to understand the exact meaning of an unknown word, unless there is a question…

IELTS Reading

Composition of IELTS passages

The Introduction The introduction of a passage usually contains the main idea or topic of the passage. Usually the answer to finding a suitable heading or title of a passage…

IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading Test Pattern

Reading section tests Reading comprehension Ability to read quickly and effectively Ability to look for specific information when answering questions Academic Reading Module Consists of 3 reading passages which are…

IELTS Speaking Tips

Note taking by the examiner

The examiner makes notes as she listens to you. You should not get distracted by this. You should focus on your listening. If the examiner doesn't make eye contact while…

IELTS Exam Details

What are the pass or fail scores?

There are no pass or fail score in IELTS. Each educational institution sets its own requirements for IELTS score which the student must achieve in order to be eligible for…

IELTS Exam Details

How can we check our IELTS results online?

The candidate can check the IELTS results online on British Council or IDP website by entering the login details, his birth date, ID number and candidate number.

IELTS Exam Details

In how many days do we get the IELTS score?

The IELTS results are declared after 13 calendar days from the IELTS test date. The students get the result on their mobiles. The score card is sent to the homes…