Essay: Studying Abroad


Whilst studying abroad provides an opportunity to broaden one’s experience it also presents the danger of negative influences from the host culture.

This is an age of globalization. We now think of a global culture. Improvement in transportation and communication facilities have brought the different parts of the world closer. Nations are making great efforts to be friendly and cooperative. They have become very dependent on each other for various reasons like industry, import and export, trade and commerce. Hence international cooperation is gradually increasing.

More and more people have begun to go abroad for higher studies or work. They are on the look out for better educational and job opportunities. People from the developing countries are migrating to the advanced countries. the universities and colleges in these countries too are attracting foreign students and offering incentives. Firms are inviting professionals from the developing nations either because labour is cheap or very skilled.

When students and professionals go abroad they come across people from diverse cultural background. They get to know about each other’s culture. They learn to appreciate and tolerate the differences. Their mental horizon is broadened. There is an intermingling of cultures. This is very much desirable for no nation wants wars. Every nation is eager to promote friendly relations.

International cooperation is required in several areas too like environmental issue, disarmament, scientific and technological progress, drug problem, curbing international violence and crime etc. Many advanced countries are helping the developing nations in their economic growth and technological progress.

Hence if people migrate to other countries it is going to promote greater international cooperation. The nations should welcome this new trend for it will be mutually beneficial not only for both the nations but also for the world on the whole.

Discus the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in a foreign country?

Nowadays it has become a fashion to move abroad and work there in order to earn money. People move from one country to another in search of job or to settle. Most probably many people get attracted to foreign country because of different lifestyle. There are many advantages and disadvantages of living and working in foreign country.

One of the positives of living in foreign country is that they got to know more than one culture and religion. People who work aboard live with high standard and their lifestyle changes to greater extend. People who live in foreign country tend to have boarder mind and thoughts ad able to handle the situation better.

Working in foreign country expose people to different languages, work culture and different ideas. If they work in an advance country they get to learn new skill, new technology. Working abroad adds weightage to resume which help them get preference in other jobs. Due to language barrier person is able to improve his communication skills. Helps them earn more money as value of currency is different.

On the other hand living or working in foreign country require hefty amount of money initially. Not able to travel frequently to homeland may make them feel lonely and homesick. They remain void of enjoying traditional festivals and family functions. They have to learn different languages and other work culture in very short period of time. Sometime people from other country may be rude and racist.

Starting new life in foreign country is never easy. Sometime it take time to adjust to new environment and culture but on the other side it also have many advantages also.

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