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Student Visa Services
English Language Training
and test preparation

Moving to a new country is a once in a lifetime adventure. Allow a professional to take care of the procedure, so you can fully enjoy your new start. Are you Ready?


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Fillip Lingua

Since 1996, we are helping people improve their English Language and Communication Skills which is further helping them excel in their personal and professional life. Get ready to build your future with us.

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Basic & Intermediate English

A comprehensive course for Basic and Intermediate Learners with major focus on Functional Grammar.

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An English course that covers a variety of workplace situations and includes both oral and written communication.

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Test Preparation

A 3-6 months comprehensive Training Programme with everyday focus on all four sections of the exam.

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Test Preparation

Conducted by the ETS, mainly for the international students seeking admission in the US universities.

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Soft Skills

A Training Program to enhance Communication Skills in personal or business relationships.

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Test Preparation

PTE Academic is the fast English test accepted for study in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and more.

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