Physical education


How important is sports or physical education in young person’s education.

There is a great development in technology and with that studies are becoming tougher. In order to catchup with growing technology students have to give more on studies and tend to neglect sports or physical education. Hence schools are dropping such subjects. Even though learning new technology is important but subjects like sports or physical education has its own benefits.

There are many advantages of studying sports or physical education as a subject. Such subjects have positive role in youths overall development, including improved academic achievement, better psychological health and healthier lifestyle. Sports help students in managing examination stress and pressure. Studies shows student who are active in sports have higher self-esteem.

Playing in teams improve student’s social skills, teamwork, leadership skills. They learn team work which also help them in life. Such subjects are great get away from their studies. Students can represent their college or university on state or national levels. Students can take up such subjects as career and they can earn for living.

Student should plan their schedules accordingly so that they can manage time between studies and sports. They should give equal importance to studies and sports. School should motivate their students to participate in sports. Schools should organize more sports events and guide student in sports career.

In growing world it is important to learn new subjects as they help in building career and it will be helpful in world development but on the same side school shouldn’t drop subjects like sports or physical education from their curriculum as they help in overall development.

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