Composition of IELTS passages


The Introduction

  • The introduction of a passage usually contains the main idea or topic of the passage.
  • Usually the answer to finding a suitable heading or title of a passage can be found in the introduction.

The Conclusion

  • The conclusion summarizes the main points of the passage.

The following give more clues

  • Title and sub-titles
  • Instructions / Questions
  • Examples
  • Illustrations, figures, tables, graphs, diagrams
  • Bold printed words

Titles and Subtitles

  • The title of the passage itself can give a rough idea about the main topic of the passage.
  • Sub-titles for each section of the passage tell us what is contained in them.


  • Skim through the passage in a minute to get an overview of the passage.
  • It helps to know the topic, what the passage is about and the writer’s purpose.

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