IELTS Reading Test Pattern


Reading section tests

  • Reading comprehension
  • Ability to read quickly and effectively
  • Ability to look for specific information when answering questions

Academic Reading Module

  • Consists of 3 reading passages which are academic in nature

General Reading Module

  • Consists of 4 reading passages
  • First three are General Reading passages
  • The fourth is an academic passage

Reading test pattern

  • There are usually 40 questions
  • Candidates get 60 minutes to answer the questions
  • No transfer time is given after the Reading section
  • Write the answers directly on the answer sheet

Types of Passages

  • The passages are taken from magazines, journals, textbooks and newspapers and modified to make them suitable exam materials.
  • The topics include science, technology, psychology, arts and so on.
  • Reading such articles will improve your comprehension, vocabulary and reading speed

The reading passages

  • describing processes
  • making a comparison
  • giving recommendations
  • examining advantages / disadvantages
  • describing / proposing solutions to problems

The Question Types include: 

  • multiple-choice questions
  • sentence completion
  • short answer questions
  • completion of tables / charts / summaries
  • choosing headings
  • classification
  • matching lists
  • matching phrases

Reading is the toughest section

  • The passages get harder as you progress.
  • Go in the order of the passages.

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