Developed world should lead by example


Almost three quarters of the population of the developed world lives in towns and cities, whereas around two-thirds of the developing world live in rural areas. Argue for or against ‘The developed world should lead by example and not insist that aid to the third World is used to develop in rural areas.’

The third world countries are mostly agricultural countries. 80% of the population lives in the rural areas and is dependent on agriculture and other related activities for their livelihood. The rural areas are still backward and lack basic facilities like housing, education, transportation, communication, health and so on as compared to the urban areas. The government is unable to reach out to them and do as much for them even in a developing country like India where agriculture has made rapid progress. 

The developed countries often give aid to other poor or developing countries and insist that the money be spent on development of rural areas and rural people. This will lead to the development of agriculture which will result in increased production of food and benefit the whole world.

The developed nations are not wrong if they insist that monetary aid be spent on the betterment of the rural areas. After all 80% of the population of a country resides there. The people in the urban areas are able to enjoy many facilities and progress at a faster pace. The progress of the people in the rural areas is dependent upon the assistance from the government agencies.

Often the government of a developing country is eager to give preference to sectors like industralization, communication, transportation, science and technology which no doubt can accelerate economic growth. Economic growth can enable governments to raise funds for the development of rural areas. But that would require huge funds as the rural area is vast. 

At times the advanced nations may leave it to the poor nation to decide as to in what direction it wants its country to progress. If possible it would be better if advanced countries didn’t impose any conditions. The government could then divert its own funds towards development of other sectors, development of technology and industrialization that could also create more job opportunities for the people in the urban areas.

The advanced countries can make it conditional that the countries receiving aid give priority to development of rural areas and agriculture for agriculture is the base of any economy. It the agricultural progress is good the country will have less cause to worry as the majority of its people live in the rural areas.

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