Wealthy nations should share their wealth


Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations for providing such things as food and education? Or is it the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?

There are lots of nations that are still very poor. Their people are not able to afford two meals a day. They are without homes and basic facilities like water, medicine, clothes, education and so on. Their condition is miserable and they live in inhuman conditions. Media keeps creating awareness about such nations and people so that other nations and organizations come forward to assist them.

Many wealthy nations and organizations, public as well as private, do much needed service to them by donating food, offering free homes, providing free education and free health facilities. These wealthy nations have progressed a lot and can now afford to help nations that are poor, backward and underdeveloped.

The resources in the hands of these nations are so less that even their own governments are not able to do much for the upliftment of their people. Many countries in Africa for instance are poorly endowed with resources, unlike many other nations that are able to utilize or sell their resources to other countries and thus earn revenue.

The poor nations are unable to embark upon any kind of progress. The infrastructure is too bad and they have no funds to improve them.

The governments of these nations have to seek out ways for raising funds or borrowing from others. Aid from developed nations is a very important source of revenue without which the conditions in these countries would remain pathetic. Organizations like the World Bank, UNO and International Monetary Funds give financial aid to the underdeveloped nations. The advanced nations too give aid in all forms like education, health, food and so on to developing nations.

No doubt some responsibility has to be taken up by the governments of these nations. They should be able to look after the well being and growth of the people and the nation.

If the developed nations don’t give aid they will only direct the funds to activities that will be less beneficial to mankind such as technological development, space explorations or arms race. It is the moral responsibility of all on this planet to look after the betterment of their brothers and sisters in other parts of the planet. The world is now a global village and in this spirit the wealthy nations should come forward to assist poor nations.

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