Essay: Nuclear Power Plants


Should government continue to maintain and develop nuclear power plants? What are the risks and benefits associated with nuclear power production?

Nuclear power is now one of the most important alternative sources of energy. It would be impossible to meet the growing demand of energy without it. Till the scientists come out with some alternative source of energy we cannot do without nuclear power.

There are many sources of energy like wind, sun, water, coal, oil, and gobar gas. Gobar gas is a cheap and indigenous source of energy in rural areas. It is produced from the cow dung and reduced dependence on other forms of energy. People in rural areas in India greatly depend on this form of energy. Coal and oil are exhaustible sources of energy, while the others are inexhaustible.

Countries, in the higher latitudes, cannot produce solar energy especially in winter where the sun’s rays are very feeble. All countries are not rich in hydropower and other forms of energy.

In western advanced countries nearly two thirds of the population lives in the urban areas. On the other hand there is rapid industrialization. Hence the consumption of energy is very high in these areas. Nuclear power provides a cheap and a good alternative source of energy.

The advantages of nuclear power are that it causes no air pollution. The cost of production is low. It reduces the dependence on other forms of energy. It ensures a steady supply of energy.

However there are certain disadvantages too. The lives of people working in the plant as well as those living in the vicinity will be greatly endangered in case of leakage of radioactive materials from the plant. We still have no proper solution for disposal of waste. Nuclear waste is being dumped in the seas and oceans, which can endanger the marine life. It is also dumped deep into the earth, which can pollute the soil or underground water.

All that can be said for the time being is that nuclear power offers a good alternative till research for some better forms of energy goes on. On the other hand we must make use of other renewable sources of energy wherever possible.

  1. The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?

Nuclear technology is powerful innovation of modern science. It is true that nuclear technology poses the greatest threat to life but, on the other hand if used for constructive purposes can bring benefits to mankind.

I, agree that the threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace as nuclear weapons are capable of destroying the whole planet. However it can be used as alternative source of eliminate the threat of nuclear war, all nuclear power nation of world should agree to disarm as soon as possible.

Global warming is the biggest concern for many counties. Global warming mainly caused by increasing pollution in atmosphere, however, nuclear technology is much greener alternative which doesn’t have such negative effects. To control the over-increasing environmental pollution we have to use nuclear technology in every applicable field.

Nuclear technology has been widely used in medical field. Technology can be used in disease like cancer. Natural resources are limited and getting exhausted every second soon we all will be bound to use nuclear power to continue life.

Even through very high safety precaution are taken there have been cases of disaster. The history tells us how nuclear technology has distorted many lives and caused severe damage to our environment. The radioactive waste of nuclear technology can be disastrous if not dumped properly.

Nuclear weapons are threat to our existence and single misuse can bring giant destruction to environment but, on the bright side nuclear power is one of the most sustainable clean energy the world has.

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