Study Abroad: understanding the facts


With a plethora of higher education opportunities coming from every possible corner, it can be very confusing for the students to decide upon the right country to study.  The most crucial point at the start of a higher education journey is to choose the right destination. A particular destination that might serve the need of an individual may not be suitable for everyone. The selection of destination should be well-researched and well thought of.

Evaluate the Country

Students mostly ignore the country selection while opting for higher education and prime importance is given only to the courses and the colleges. One must weigh the country selection equally as they are going to spend a minimum of 5 years over there.

To begin with the climatic, geographical and political condition will differ from one’s home country and influence ones living in the other country. The moment one lands there, climatic change is the first impact one is likely to feel. If one is choosing a country like Canada, New Zealand or the northern part of the USA then one will have to be ready for extremely cold weather conditions.

Food is another change that one will experience, especially if one is a vegetarian. Fewer options are likely to be there in finding the preferred food choice if one plans to go to Japan or China.

Cultural and lifestyle differences will have to be understood and adjusted to. One should reach out to friends or family members that already reside there or else Google to meet the very basic needs.


Budget has to be planned and considered first before taking crucial decisions to study abroad. The cost of living varies from country to country. Hence it is wise to choose a location that matches with our budget.

Tuition fees vary from course to course. Hence extensive research on the right course and understanding of one’s financial capabilities is a must so as to make right choices. On the other hand this does not imply that one should compromise with the best career options available.

So one has to make wise choices in terms of the place you choose to study, the course you wish to study and the university or college you choose to go to with respect to your budgetary constraints or affordability.

It’s best to choose a place that can fulfil ones aspirations. One needs to carefully examine the study options that are being offered as well as the future prospects after finishing the course. The course should be completed from a recognised college or university.

One needs to analyse the various funding options to avail of like student loans, scholarships or other sources of financial aid.

The good thing regarding foreign education is that one can work part-time while studying which is a great boost financially. You can clarify this clause on getting the student visa.


Language is the most important but most ignored factor while planning ones study abroad. One should preferably opt for English speaking nations unless one knows other foreign languages or is willing to learn them.

For example, if you know French then probably you one can consider France as one’s study destination. But no matter which country you choose as your foreign destination a good knowledge of English is very helpful. Proficiency in the local language can help build up bonds, make one feel at home and communicate smoothly with the local people and people of other cultures as well.


After you finish the course the next step will be to take up a job. It’s very important that the country should have a stable economy and which has plenty of employment opportunities in your field. You should be able to find a job in the same field as that of your course to meet the work visa requirement set for international students. Various factors like accommodation facilities, changing visa rules, cost of living should be in tangent to the salary package of that country. Options like working holidays are a great incentive for the graduates. Before closing on a country, its best to Google the job market scenario and understand the living prospects of the country.

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