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Canada has always been one of the most sought after landing space for Indians since a very long time. The beautiful landscapes followed by eminent education to assimilate culture are all in abundance in the Canadian bundle. These incentives enthralled the Canadian government to get into place an administrative framework between the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) in the form of SPP, Student Partners Program. The main objective behind this program was to ensure that the Indian students get good quality education and feel secure. SPP has streamlined and made the admission and visa procurement process easy for the institutions participating under SPP. The end result has been a steady increase in the number of visas issued to Indians. The SPP program witnessed a huge success and now has been extended to China.

Merits of SPP:

• Less tedious and faster visa processing (7 to 14 working days )
• Specific List of Documents needed
• Certified Institutions
• Work permit after successful completion of course
• One can submit medical report at the time of keeping file – speeds up the visa process, advance medical reports

Eligibility Criteria of SPP:

Academic IELTS: 6.0 band with no band less than 5.5 for undergraduate courses and 6.5 with no band less than 6 for post graduate courses. For programs like dentistry or any other medical\health program, the requirement can be higher. Remember that the IELTS test scores are valid only for 2 years.

Academic Scores: Minimum 50% score in their recently completed degree or diploma or Higher Secondary School as per the SPP institution specific requirement.

Study Gap: For undergraduate students a gap of not more than 2 years and for graduates a gap of not more than 5 years is allowed. If students have relevant work experience to the program applied will still be given priority.

Backlogs: 10+3 and 10+2+3 year’s education i.e. Diploma – 3 to 4 backlogs are acceptable and 10+2+4 i.e. Engineering, Pharmacy, Bachelor degrees and so on – 6 to 8 back logs are acceptable. If you fail in core subjects or have more than 2 attempts in same subject with overall more than 5 backlogs, this might have a negative view towards your profile. More than a total of 8 backlogs are unacceptable.

Experience: A good experience up to 5 years will be valid with genuine work experience certificates.

Proof of Payment: Proof of tuition payment for one semester or one year depending on the SPP colleges.

• Purchase of a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from Scotia Bank of CAD $10,000 to cover living expenses for the first year of stay in Canada.

• Students with previous study visa rejection are not allowed to reapply under SPP visa category.

Work permit under SPP colleges:

Students whose course period is two years or more are eligible for a Post Study work permit of up to 3 years in Canada. Those whose course duration is one year or less than 1 year are eligible for a work permit equal to their duration of study. For example: A course that lasts for 8 months will get a work permit for 8 months.

Last Date to apply under SPP:

• 1st August for Sep Intake
• 1st December for Jan Intake

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