4 Speaking Topics 36 – 42


36 What do you do in your free time?

I like to read books. I am fond of reading detective novels. I like to read news on net. I keep myself updated all the time.

I like to play cricket with my friends in my neighbourhood. We play cricket together every Saturday and Sunday.

I like to watch movies and go out with my friends.

I like to play video games.

I like to spend time with my family. I go out for shopping.

I hardly have any free time. I reach home quite late on weekdays. I have only one day holiday every week.

37 Do you play any sport?

I like to play chess. I am very good in it. I play with my friends. They also like to play chess.

I like to play football. I have been playing football since my school days. I was in my college team. My team was good. We won many matches against other colleges.

38 Do you like to travel?

I am very fond of travelling. I have travelled a lot with my friends. I have visited many places in India.

I like to travel with my family and friends. It is more fun in a group.

I have visited many hill stations and many towns of India.

I go out of station once a year, normally during Diwali vacations.

39 Which is the best place you’ve been to in India?

I liked Udaipur. There are beautiful lakes. There is a nice old fort which is very big in size. There was a nice museum. There are some old temples. There is a nice resort in the middle of a lake.

40 Which country/place would you most like to visit?

I would like to visit Mount Abu. It is a beautiful hill station. There are beautiful lakes and gardens. Mount Abu is not far from my town. I like to go there often with my friends whenever I need a change. I have already visited it three times.

41 Which is your favourite season?

My favourite season is winter. Winter is very pleasant in Ahmedabad. It is hardly cold. Very few people wear woolen clothes. We get fresh green vegetable, apples, guavas and other fruits. I love to go for walks early in the morning. I feel very energetic the whole day.

I like the summer season. It is hot in the afternoons but becomes pleasant in the evening. I like to eat ice creams and sugarcane juice. Mangoes are my favourite food. People like to go out in the evenings and enjoy themselves.

42 Which is your favourite festival?

My favourite festival is Diwali. We get one week off in the office. Schools and colleges get three week holidays. Many shops are closed too. People meet their friends and relatives and offer sweets or gifts to each other. I often go out of station with my parents. We visit new places and enjoy ourselves. My parents buy me new clothes.

43 Describe a place where you go for rest and relaxation.

I like to go to my native place. It is a few kilometers away from Ahmedabad. My relatives stay there. I feel a nice change.

There is a garden near my house. I like to go there and sit and talk with friends. Sometimes I go there early in the morning to do exercise.

I like to my friend’s farm house. It is very calm and quiet out there. We go there with all other friends. There is lots of greenery. There is no pollution. His farm house is 30 minutes from the city.

44 Describe an object that is very special in your life.

I have a motorcycle. My father gifted me on my twentieth birthday. It was a surprise gift. I am very proud of it. I keep it well maintained. It is red in colour which is my favourite colour.

I have an imported watch that my brother gifted me. He lives in States. I wear it only on occasions and parties. It is very special to me because it was gifted by my brother.

I have a flute. I can play it very well. I learnt how to play it on my own. I have given stage performances. I play it every day.

45 What famous person would you like to visit for an hour?

I would like to meet Amitabh Bacchan. He is a legend of Bollywood. I like to read his poems. I have seen all his films. It shall be a dream come true.

I will like to meet Sachin Tendulkar. He is one of the best cricketers India has had. He is extremely talented. I also play cricket. I will like to learn some tips from him. I would like to know what inspired and motivated him.

46 What do you like to learn?

I like to learn how to do gardening. This is my favourite past time. I water the plants daily. I have lovely plants in pots. We have beautiful flowering plants. I read a lot about plants and how to take care of them on net.

I like to learn about cooking. I like to cook new dishes. I have learnt dishes from my mother. She is also a good cook. I have a collection of many books on cookery. I like to watch programs on TV. Besides I also read up about recipes on net. I can make 50 varieties of cake.

I like to learn dancing. I am very fond of dancing. It is also a good form of exercise. I like to learn all types of dancing, western and Indian. I like to give performances on occasions like marriages. I have participated in school and college functions.

47 What was your favourite subject in school or college? Why?

48 Which non-academic subjects do you like? 

49 Who was your favourite teacher? Describe her.

50 In which school did you study? What did you like and dislike about school?

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