2 Speaking Topics 18 – 35


18 What do you do? What do you do for a living?

I work in an IT company.

I am self-employed.

I have a factory.

I am in manufacturing business. I manufacture wooden furniture.

19 What are you?

I am a student / businessman.

I am a dentist.

20 What are you studying?

I am studying MBA.

I am studying engineering from IIT Delhi.

I am studying computers.

I am doing masters / graduation in commerce / business management.

21 Why did you choose this subject?

I chose commerce for I am good in accounts and maths.

I chose Civil Engineering for my father is in construction business.

I chose medicine for I wanted to be a doctor.

My father wanted me to do BBA for my father wants me to join his business.

22 Why do you want to go abroad for study?

My parents want me to have good quality education.

The quality of education is very good in USA.

I want to have a good exposure and job experience.

A lot of my friends are already studying in USA.

23 Do you plan to study further?

After finishing my under graduation in USA I might do MBA.

I might do masters in engineering.

24 What will you do after completing your studies?

I will apply for work permit as per the rules of Canada.

I will come back to India.

I will take up a job in a good company.

I will start my own business.

I will join my father’s business.

I will come back and get married.

25 Where do you work? What is your job profile? Are you happy with it?

I am happy with my job. I am in a managerial position. I have good prospects for promotion.

I am not quite happy. I am not happy with my salary. I see better chances abroad. Hence I would like to try my luck there.

26 What are your future plans?

I plan to do my own business in USA.

27 What are your job prospects?

My job prospects are good. I have ten years work experience so I have good chances of promotion.

28 One thing that you dislike about your job?

I do not like the working hours.

I am not happy with my salary. I deserve a higher salary.

I am not happy with my company and their working.

29 What sort of changes would you like in your job?

I would like my hours to be lesser.

I wish working hours were more flexible as I have two children to look after as well.

30 If you had the opportunity to change your job, what would you do instead?

I would prefer to take up a teaching job. I love teaching. I do not like administrative job.

31 Describe your Job? How do you spend your typical day?

32 Describe a typical working day for you
I wake up early at seven. I leave for my job at nine. I am an IT engineer and design websites. I deal with foreign clients on behalf of my company. I do a lot of correspondence. I leave my office at 8 pm and reach home by 8.30 pm. After dinner I listen to news on TV and read the newspaper. I get into bed by 10.30 pm.

33 Which is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is blue. It is very cool and soothing. I have a lot of T-shirts in blue. My bedroom walls are also blue. I mostly choose blue when I buy something.

I like white. It is a pleasant and cool colour. It doesn’t suit everyone but it suits me very much. Whenever I want a change I wear white. I like to wear white shirts to office. My car is also white in colour.

I like red. Everyone doesn’t like this colour. It is a bright colour. Whenever I choose a red dress I have to be careful. I see that it is not too bright on me. I have a little red here and there in my house.

34 If you could start your life again, would you do anything differently?
I have done bachelors in education. I am a teacher in a reputed school. I enjoy teaching a lot. But if I could start again then I would have preferred to do fashion designing. I am very fond of designing clothes. I design clothes for my friends and family members. They like my choice and trust my suggestions.

35 What ambitions do you have?
I have done diploma in mechanical engineering. I work in a manufacturing unit. I would like to set up my own manufacturing unit.

I am a teacher in a school. I have done masters in English literature. I would like to do

M Phil and later apply for PhD.

I am a dentist. I work in a private hospital. But one day I would like to open my own clinic.


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