Essay: Should young people be given allowances


Some people believe that young people should work for their spending money. Other people believe that young people should be given an allowance without having to work for it. State your opinion concerning allowances and defend it.

Young people need some pocket money or allowances because they have some need for money on a regular basis. Many get fixed allowance every month which they call pocket money. Hence they do not have to ask their parents every now and then for their little requirements.

Young people can learn how to manage their money and their needs. When there is a restricted budget they learn not to overspend and learn the value of money. However too much generosity on the part of their parents can spoil the habits of youngsters.

It is a better option for parents to give a monthly allowance as the youngsters have no time to earn for themselves. They should rather be focusing on their studies and career. Often they have to prepare for competitive exams along with their school or college studies without which their career cannot move ahead. Expecting young people to earn for their pocket money can put a strain on their health or studies.

However often youngsters take up odd jobs which allow them to earn some money for themselves for they would rather not trouble their parents for their little needs. They feel more free and confident earning for themselves. Besides they gain valuable work experience which will come handy in future too.

Many parents would prefer their young children to be self-reliant. They encourage their children to go and earn for themselves. They think it is good for their development and experience. In western countries some wealthy parents may be an exception to this.

In my opinion it is better for the youngsters if their parents are willing to and able to give them pocket money so that they can focus on studies only. It is natural for them now to have more needs such as enjoying with friends or shopping for clothes or going for outings. They should not be deprived. However there are smart youngsters who are able to manage their studies and work as well, which is perfectly fine in that case.


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