Essay: National Costume


Every nation has its national costume. Should the national costume be given importance or not?

The national costume has its own glamour and importance. The people of all the nations feel proud of their national costume. The national costume reflects the culture of that country, the life style and tradition.

Traditional dress is worn on religious occasions, religious festivals, family functions and social functions. The daily working dress cannot be worn on such occasions. One likes to have a change.

On occasions of national and international importance like the Olympics, Asiad, beauty pageants, sports events, fashion shows and so on we get opportunities to see the traditional costumes.

The national leaders wear their traditional dress when they visit other nations or welcome foreign delegates.

Traditional dress is a constant source of inspiration to modern fashion and trends.

In India men wear dhoti and kurta or sometimes pyjama. The women wear saree but it is worn in different styles in different parts of the country. For instance the women in Gujarat prefer to keep the pallu in front while a working women prefers to keep the pallu at the back.

In Muslim countries the women wear salwar and kurta and a long lose robe on top. The men too wear long lose robes to protect themselves from heat.

However it is cumbersome and difficult to wear the traditional dress in daily life. It is difficult to maintain it. One cannot wear it and go to work. The pace of life is also too fast. That also determines ones choice of dress. For instance the modern working woman feels more comfortable in trousers or skirts than in a saree or a Japanese Kimono.

One should respect and preserve old traditions and culture. It is a nice change.



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