17 TV and its effects


Children now watch more television than at any time in the past. Consider the potential risks and benefits. Give recommendations.

Television has now become a very important medium of entertainment in homes. Children spend a lot of their free time watching TV programs. So do the other members of the family. A vast variety of channels and programmes are there to cater to the tastes of the children. They watch sports, cartoons, science fiction, detective serials and movies of all kinds.

As often children do not have open space to play out they are restricted to watching TV. This is so because many children live in high rise buildings in towns and cities. Hence they get confined to their homes.

TV programs give an awareness about other cultures through serials or foreign movies. They can learn English as many programs are in English. They come to know about the lifestyle of people in other parts of the world.

There are many educational programs that teach school subjects like mathematics, physics, geography, history, general knowledge and so on. These programs assist in learning and making such subjects meaningful and relevant to life.

Children who get addicted to TV neglect their studies. They may devote less time to studies. Their performance in studies and exams is poor and this can affect their future career.

Poor quality television serials and films depict violence and crime. Such programs can have a bad effect on the minds of the children. They may unconsciously imitate what they see. This is why crimes are committed by children sometimes.

Reading is a healthy pastime activity and many children do not have the reading habit. Likewise many do not cultivate creative hobbies like singing, dancing, playing sports and so on.

Long and continuous hours of watching television can spoil the eyesight and lead to a sedentary lifestyle. This is not a healthy lifestyle for children. They should be physically active as these are their growing years. Outdoor sports and play helps to strengthen bones and muscles. A sedentary life can make them obese.

Watching too much television can actually make the children dull and less creative. Painting, reading or playing indoor games are creative activities.

A confined lifestyle can reduce social interaction. Children should make friends with other children and learn social skills. Watching adult programs can affect them in an unhealthy manner.

I would like to conclude that watching TV can be fun and entertaining and can refresh the minds of children. Some entertainment is healthy. But a certain discipline should be there so that other activities like studies, sports, socializing and reading are not affected.


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