Television programs that show violence


People who watch a lot of violent television programs will find this influence their behavior when they are angry or upset. Do you agree?

Nowadays, it is obvious to see that people who watch violent television programs concentrate completely on it. The impact of watching such kind of television programs is so strong that the person is able to recollect each and every dialogue and scene of that program even if they have finished watching it.

It is generally accepted that the television is a main source of information regarding science, knowledge, sports as well as current affairs of the world going around to all age groups. However, the dreadful impact on the people’s behavior is a common fact now, which no one would deny.

This negative impact can influence the human mind very deeply. When things go wrong in their life, they blame the television program which they have watched recently. There could be a change in the behavior which could lead to quarrels in the home. This has become a common situation nowadays.

Every age group is facing an immense difficulty due to such programs. Some women try to relate their personal life with the life of other women seen in the program. There is a change in their nature which could become a short tempered one. The same is seen with men. Differences can get created between husband and wife relationship which can have a worse impact on their children and family as well.

The impact can also be seen in the children. They too can become short tempered. Their way of reacting to a situation when they are angry or upset can change. They might relate their situation with the one seen in the violent program they might have watched. Since children are young, their minds could be more affected.

It is clear from above that violent television programs effects all age groups. According to my perspective, one should minimize the duration of time he/she watches such programs. This can help them to eradicate the bad influence on their behavior and mind.


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