Essay: Role of newspapers


Have newspapers become a medium of the past or do they still play an important role in people’s lives?

Newspapers play a very important role in our daily lives. The day begins with it. It is as important as the early bedtime tea. The very sound of the newspaper being flung by the newspaperman is welcome.

The newspaper makes the first announcement of the day’s news. More detailed information is sometimes available in the newspaper than on even television.  Local news can be had in more details from the newspaper.

There is more pleasure in reading than in listening to it on the television or the radio. We can read the news at our own convenience and pleasure. We can read it more than once.

The first page contains the most important news local, national or international. The newspaper gives news about the main political developments within the country and of other countries too. Local news refer to accidents, crimes, deaths and even birthdays.

The second page carries information about programmes on radio and television as well as train schedules. There are weather forecasts for each day.

Different businesses advertise about their products and services. Newspaper is one of the best media for advertisements. People too look out for job vacancies.

The index of stock market is published daily.

Educational institutions advertise about admissions.

The editorial page contains interesting articles, which are largely educative. A platform is provided to the readers to make their contribution to express their complaints or creativity.

There are separate pages for sports news, national as well as international. There are jokes and cartoons.

On Sundays there are matrimonial advertisements, weekly prediction for different horoscopes, and magazine supplements carrying articles on all variety of topics.

Television, radio and Internet can never replace newspaper. It is cheap and affordable by all sections of the society. Those who don’t have time to watch the television at home depend solely on the newspaper for the news. Besides it enriches our knowledge and language. The pleasure of reading cannot be replaced by the visual medium.



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