We cannot expect a job for life


People can no longer expect a job for life. What should individuals and governments do to prepare the current and future environments for different working conditions?

The economy of all nations keeps changing. Life as a result has become more competitive and challenging. The rising cost of living and the high standard of living have made life difficult. Man has become materialistic and everyone is now joining the rat race. He wants to acquire more and more wealth and comforts.

Globalization and technological progress affect the market conditions globally. Liberalization and the entrance of multinationals have introduced stiff competition. This has affected the job market too.

There is exploitation and unemployment even in advanced countries. Ones job is no more secure. Individuals have to be alert all the time. Employed people have to be on the lookout for another and better job. They should be flexible and willing to change their career. They should have a wide range of interests and skills. They should constantly improve their skills and upgrade their knowledge. They should be ready to acquire new skills so that they can market themselves well. In USA it is very normal for individuals to have more than ten jobs in ones lifetime.

The government should run evening classes. There should be correspondence classes. Loan facilities should be provided to those who wish to pursue further studies. There should be regular workshops. There should be short-term training programmes. 

The government should improve the industrial base and increase the employment opportunities.

The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues throughout life.

The standard of living and the cost of living has risen. Man wants to acquire more and more amenities so that he can lead a comfortable life. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make both ends meet in one source of income. It is difficult to provide good education, food, entertainment, housing and so on to the children within one income.

Working women are able to supplement their husband’s income. The women have now begun to step out of the house and have their own career.

People have begun to go for part time jobs in addition to their full time jobs. Some do part time business in their spare time.

One must constantly upgrade and diversify ones knowledge and skill. One should be ready to pursue further studies whenever required.

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