Some students work while they are earning their degrees in college, others receive support from their families. How should a student’s education be supported? Argue both sides of the issue and defend your position.


Should students work for their education or should the parents support them depends upon the culture of the society. In some cultures like in western advanced countries like USA, UK, Canada and other European countries where individualism is valued youngsters are treated as adults after the age of eighteen. They leave their parental home after eighteen and start living separately. They take up jobs and bear the cost of their education as well as other living expenses.

In those societies where cooperation and family dependence are valued, parents support their children till they get a job. For instance in India the parents fully support their children till their education is over and they are able to stand on their feet. The society does not appreciate the young working for their daily requirements. Job opportunities are few in such countries especially for the young.

There are certain advantages if youngsters begin to work early and support their education. It reduces the financial burden on their parents. They learn to stand on their feet at an early age. They gain work experience, work skills, interpersonal skills, confidence and learn to value money. They make profitable use of their time and put their knowledge to immediate use. They learn to make their own decisions and solve their own problems.

The disadvantages are that they undergo unnecessary stress and strain. They cannot concentrate fully on their studies. They have less time for recreation or development of their hobbies. College years are the best years of their life. One should enjoy them to the fullest. As the youngsters become independent at an early age the emotional bond between the children and the parents becomes weak.

If the parents bear the cost of education the youngsters can fully concentrate on their studies. They don’t suffer from any stress and strain. They can study with a free mind. They have no financial or family responsibilities. They can participate in all the campus activities. In certain societies the future employers don’t expect the youngsters to have any job experience. They also know that job opportunities are less for youngsters.

However the risks are that the youngsters don’t learn the value of money. They may not always make productive use of their time. They remain financially and emotionally dependent on their parents. The parents  have too many expectations from their children.

Since I am an Indian I never had to worry about my college fees and other expenses. I could concentrate well on my studies and secure good marks. I also had a good time during my college days. The pressure of work or financial problems was not there. Working simultaneously while studying imposes a lot of strain on the mind and body. The mind can get diverted from studies and the youngsters may start running after money.