‘Used to’ to express habitual actions


‘Used to’ is used to express habitual actions in the past

I used to wake up early. I used to get ready. I used to catch the 7 o’clock bus. I used to reach college by eight. The college used to get over at four. I would return home by five. I used to take a tiffin daily. I used to sleep late when I was in college. I used to go to Samarth tuition classes.

We used to play cricket every Saturday. We used to play till noon. We used to have matches once in a month. We used to win most often.

We used to fly kites a lot. We used to spend the whole day on the terrace. We used shout when we cut kites. At night we used to fly ‘tukkal’. It used to be quite chilly at night. We used to fall ill.

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