am/is/was/are/were/will be/got/have got + used to


Am + used to

I am used to eating with a spoon and fork.

I am used to waking up early.

I am used to her rough nature.

I am used to drinking hot tea.

Is + used to

He is used to eating with hands.

He is used to exercising for 2 hours.

The cat is used to sleeping out in the cold.

My friend is used to speaking French.

Was + used to

I was used to working out in the sun.

He was used to standing for 8 hours.

My mother was used to cooking for a big family.

Are + used to

My friends are used to watching English movies.

We are used to studying for 15 hours in a day.

The children are used to studying alone.

Were + used to

The farmers were used to the working in the sun.

We were used to the extreme cold in winter.

There used to sleeping in an AC room

Will be + used to

You will be used to shift duties once you starting working.

I will be used to her fast teaching in two days.

You will be used to walking in high heels.

Got + used to

I got used to standing and working all the time.

I got used to washing clothes in a machine.

She got used to the medicine soon.

We got used to her bad nature.

Have got + used to

We have got used to living in this house.

She has got used to fetching water from the well.

I have got used to the spicy food in the hostel.

She has got used to sharing room with three other girls.

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